Exterior Windows and Doors

Ruby Bay Joinery specialises in exterior wooden joinery. Our windows and doors will set your home apart. There is nothing like the look, warmth and feel of timber. As timber is a natural product it is thermally efficient. New regulations require the use of double glazing; combine this with wooden joinery, and you eliminate condensation.

Add into this equation your glass of choice, and your windows will perform, as well as look fantastic. Rubber and brush seals protect against draughts and add to the efficiency. Top quality hardware and componentry add to the functionality. Selected premium grade timber makes your windows and doors look fantastic and add value to your home. We can either work with you on your designs or work off your house plans.

Either way exterior wooden joinery will enhance the look and feel of your home for years to come.

Exterior Windows and Doors

Entrance doors

Entrance doors are the focal point of the exterior of your home. Timber joinery is perfect for leaving a lasting impression. Ruby Bay joinery will make to anysize and style to compliment and accentuate your home.

Entrance Doors

French doors

French doors are a traditional favourite to access the outdoor living area of your home. Whether you like old like colonial French doors, to match the period of your home, or simple lines for a more modern look. Ruby Bay Joinery will meet your requirements.

French Doors

Bi-fold doors

With more emphasis being placed on indoor, outdoor living, Bi-fold doors are perfect for opening up these spaces. Choose any design of door and we will do the rest. We only use top quality componentry for ease of use and flexibility of design.

Bi-fold Doors

Sliding doors.

Sliding doors are a great way of opening up, but not intruding into your living area. There are a number of different options to choose from. Once a final design is selected we will construct with sliding gear to match the weight of the doors.

Sliding Doors

Double hung windows

These are an effective way of ventilating your home without intruding into your living areas. We can match the double hung windows in your villa complete with pulleys and weights or make for your new home. Double hung windows are an attractive and functional option.

Double Hung Doors

Casement & awning windows

These can be made to any size and style. Choose the style of your sashes and how you would like them to open. We construct our sashes out of premium grade Cedar or a durable, exterior rated timber of your choice.

Casement and Awning Windows

You can view further photos of our exterior windows and doors, and other joinery in our Portfolio