Cabinetry and Bathroom Vanities

Built-in, custom made joinery utilises the space in your home to a higher degree. Coupled with this is the freedom to construct units to compliment the design of the house. Top quality materials and accomplished tradesman will finish off your home authentically and efficiently.

Looking to design or redesign your bathroom? Ruby Bay Joinery are able to provide all bathroom joinery

The range of cabinets and vanities include:

  • House cupboards
  • Book cases
  • Business display cabinets and shelves
  • Office or home desks
  • Bathroom joinery
Cabinetry and Vanities

Ruby Bay Joinery have manufactured just about every kind of cabinet or vanity, for almost any kind of situation:

Wall Cabinet and shelvesBed head book shelfVanityBathroom vanityWardrobe

You can view further photos of our cabinets, bathrooms, vanities, and other joinery in our Portfolio